O.A.R.C.I.D plans to grow into a full services centre and as we grow we will be incorporating more opportunities for employment, internships/placements, volunteering, and supports.

We are working diligently towards opening a physical space where Disabled people can engage and connect with others in the community, and where we can proactively ensure autonomy and access needs are met.

Eventually we would like to become a not-for-profit and have free services that include but are not limited to:


  • For Disabled youth and adults over 14 years of age
  • Connections and support
  • Mentor and leadership roles
  • Paid internships/placements
  • Skill building and self-advocacy workshops
  • Public speaking/panel opportunities
  • Committees
  • Projects of interest groups
  • Facilitated discussion groups
  • Peer led support/groups
  • Activities
  • Information sessions
  • Youth engagement days


  • Braille printing
  • Projector 
  • Microphones
  • Speaker
  • 3D printed assistive devices
  • Computers with accessible software
  • Adaptive computer accessories
  • Sit standing desks
  • Adaptive chairs
  • FM Transmitter
  • Light alerts
  • TTY typewriter


  • Counselling
  • Sensory room
  • Learning specialist
  • Accessible hair care
  • Art/Music therapy
  • Gently used assistive device drop off/pickup
  • ASL classes
  • ASL interpreter
  • Legal advice
  • Post-secondary student support/advocacy

Please be mindful that this is a future plan and not currently in practice. We do not know when we will have these services as we will need to secure funding for the physical space, equipment, and more staff.

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