Creating inclusive environments that actively prioritizes accessibility, equitable opportunities, and autonomy for all people in Ontario and Canada.


Our mission is to provide an accessible and inclusive space, resources, information, and training by Disabled people who are connected to the community and have lived experience.

We strive to minimize social, emotional, and environmental barriers through support, advocacy, education, and collaboration to strengthen relationships with Disabled people and intersecting communities.

We strive to create opportunities with community members to gain skills, support, and connections that prioritizes autonomy and access needs.


O.A.R.C.I.D will provide opportunities for learning and growth as the Disability Community landscape is diverse, intersectional, and never static. Therefore, we will always deliver training, presentations, and support with anti-oppressive and strength-based language.

All training, support, and programming is evidence, community, and lived experience informed.

We strongly believe that Disabled people must be paid a living wage for the work they do.

OARCID’s 5 E’s of AutonoME

  • Empathy
  • Equity
  • Empower
  • Enrich
  • Enable
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