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Our perspective and approach accentuates the lived experience of disability and autonomy. There are subtle aspects of disability that are often missed and unintentionally not considered making supports, training, and other services inaccessible.

We offer a unique learning environment and support system that encourages personal and professional development and growth. Our training programs facilitate immediate and active changes to barriers that contribute to ableism, inequality, and discrimination.

We offer businesses, organizations, and individuals:

  • Support
  • Consulting
  • Training and support on:
    • Accessibility and inclusion
    • The disability experience
    • Strength-based language and anti-oppression
    • Accessiblility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
    • Human Rights Commission (OHRC)
    • Employment Equity Act
    • Federal References Guide
    • Accessible events, meetings, and spaces
    • Best practices with accessible media, documents, and content
    • How to manage and support access needs proactively

We offer our community members: Not available until May 2019

  • Support
  • Consulting
  • Post-secondary and work related access needs:
    • How to request access needs
    • Access needs and self-advocacy
    • Petitions/ disability related absences
    • Training and best practices for assistive technology
    • Matching learning styles and strategies
    • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) paperwork and process
    • Resume support


Our rates for our services will be going into funding the Team Members and the rest will go into growing OARCID Services and building community supports. Continue reading “Rates”

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