[Image Description: The background is blurry with indistinguishable items on shelves. The picture is mainly dark brown. In the forefront there are 5 light bulbs dangling from the top of the picture. There is one light bulb in the middle animated swinging slightly side to side.]
Here at OARCID Services we want people to know where we are investing, what we are doing, and what is happening.

This page will provide people with our meeting minutes for major decisions and committees, our annual reports and finances, and who has donated or sponsored us, whether it is in time, funds, or support.

People also have access to our policies and constitution that govern and provides our structure. 

We are currently becoming a Not-For-Profit organization, and pay Team Members a living wage of $15.00 per hour and the rest will go into growing OARCID Services and building community supports.


Coming Soon


We want to acknowledge all of our supporters and funders as they enable us to expand our services and supports Continue reading “Donations”

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