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We are spilling the tea on disability, ableism, and inclusion

All of our  team members have their vulnerable sectors check and can be requested at any time.

Disability in Context

Firstly, we want to recognize the people in the disability community and others who are activists, who advocate, and those who raise awareness about disability and the lived experience. Continue reading “Disability in Context”

Our Story

OARCID is the abbreviation for Organizing Accessibility Resources and Connections on Inclusion and Disability.

Continue reading “Our Story”

Our Team

Image Description: A picture of Aerilyn who has white pale skin and blue eyes and is slightly smiling. She is wearing black squareish framed glasses. Her hair is purple with lighter purple highlights and is wearing a necklace with a pentagram and the tree of life. She is wearing a white shirt with purple flowers and green leaves. The background is beige. 

Aerilyn Medina

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Our Accessibility Commitment

OARCID takes accessibility and people’s access needs to heart. We will always do our best to proactively consider a universal design approach with our services and supports. This is our accessibility commitment and how we are being proactively inclusive of the community: Continue reading “Our Accessibility Commitment”

Our Future

OARCID plans to grow into a full services centre and as we grow we will be incorporating more opportunities for employment, internships/placements, volunteering, and supports. Continue reading “Our Future”

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