Purple Flowers
[Image Description: Bright purple flowers on branches on a black ground with 2 to 3 animated petals falling slowly down from the top of the picture.]

Welcome to O.A.R.C.I.D Services!

O.A.R.C.I.D  is the abbreviation of Organizing Accessible Resources & Connections on Inclusion & Disability.

All our consulting, training, and support is provided by Disabled people.

We ensure all of our staff and volunteers have had a vulnerable sectors check.

For more information about our services please go to the top-right of the page and click Services for the page or click the individual tabs of interest located under the Services tab.

For updates, events, our social medias, and other content scroll down the page. Updates can be found to the right of the screen. Our social medias can be found along the side of the page and at the bottom of the page.

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