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Working to Work

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As a Disabled individual it’s really difficult to find work that fits accessibility needs, time flexibility, and skill sets. It’s literally a full-time job just looking for work and applying. It’s not easy and can be downright frustrating. For Disabled people to gain and retain employment is much lower and in Canada the unemployment rate for persons with disabilities is 26%, over five times higher than the 5% rate for people without disabilities. It is a very laborious process for Disabled people to get an interview and even at that it will most likely end in no employment. In many cases Disabled people need to divulge that they are disabled in the interview even if it is a nonvisible disability due to their accessibility needs. While an employer cannot out right state they are not hiring due to disability, they will often state that they feel that the Disabled person is not a good fit or something to that effect.  

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